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Cedar Creek Fundraising . . .
fundraising programs that provide the same quality and personal service to small groups that we give to our schools . . . and that's a lot!!

We offer over 125 high quality programs to design the ideal fundraiser for:

bulletelementary and middle schools/PTA/PTO
bulletpreschools and child care centers
bulletdance teams and schools
bulletchurch groups
bulletteams, leagues and boosters
bulletscouts/civic and community organizations
bulletcheerleaders and pep squads
bulletbands/choirs/color guards
bulletclasses/clubs/students councils
bulletcollege groups, clubs and fraternal organizations
bullet. . . even individuals!!
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Small groups know that time is a
precious commodity!!

  Cedar Creek Fundraising, a full service fundraising company, now brings the same quality, variety and ease of operation to child care centers, dance schools, teams, clubs boosters and church groups  that we have been providing to elementary and middle schools  for over a decade. Take a minute to look through the information on our site to see why thousands of centers and groups come back to us year after year for their fundraising needs. See how our extra service and personal consultation will save you time while allowing maximum profit for your organization.   Look at how our brochures are designed to provide the highest quality and widest variety with a broad spectrum of prices - dozens of items $5 and under.   

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After you've explored our site, take a minute and fill in the response form.   We'll  mail out sample brochures and information, then follow up with a phone consultation to make sure you have what works best.  You'll be surprised at the friendly, personal service we give even our smallest groups.   We want you to have the most  profitable fundraiser ever  . . . . and the easiest. 

We know how important your time is!!!


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Fall, 2015 brochures are now available - Very Special Assortment  is the 2015 version of our annual favorite.

We really recommend you call for a consultation about running a  shopper. We guarantee it will be 15 minutes well spent.   We'd welcome the chance to answer questions and offer suggestions on brochure fundraising.  This segment (the big seasonal brochures) of fundraising is changing rapidly for several reasons, and we can help you with making the most effective decision for your school or group.

Visit our seasonal brochures page, then click the cover on one or both to explore!  Both of our "shoppers"  include a cumulative prize program,

 We have all seasonal brochures, and almost all of our specialty brochures available in pdf format for those needing  instant samples, or we can mail a copy of the brochure of your choosing.   We'd love to go over the advantages of each, as well as prize programs, some unique incentives, and early sign up options. Call today and let's get the selection process started.

. See complete brochure copies in pdf format on our either of our brochure pages below (or click the brochure cover to the right). Simply go to either brochure page and click the cover in the right hand column.      

Request a mailing:

Spring and fall, 2015 Seasonal Shopper brochures:  Click Here 
Specialty & Non Seasonal brochures:  Click Here 


Gourmet Lollipops:

Sooner or later everyone seems to want this wonderful 50 cent seller. We have over 100 types of gourmet lollipops from McJak, , Maredy (formerly All About Lollipops), CIMA USA,  Starlyn, Van Wyk. Dryden & Palmer and more!..  Sweets and sours, pops for all major sports and holidays and we also have custom labeling available for school spirit!!     and  Something for everyone. . . . including chocolate roses and other chocolate pops - and if you can't decide which will work for your group try our . . .Grab Bag!!

Some Unique Pops for This Season:

bullet Hot Pops: blend sweet fruit with the fire of peppers 
bulletRIBBON Pops:  A new dollar seller - Chocolate pops also available.
bulletNew Shaped Pops from Cima:  football, Halloween, new "Stars" and "Teddy Bears" Baseball & Easter
bulletNew Large Pops:  Larger "Dollar Pops" in rounds "swirls".

to check pictures, flavors, prices - and order pops online:  Click Here  

Dollar Candy:

If your  group prefers dollar candy, lollipops or other non brochure items to a  brochure sale, or would like to use these popular items as a supplement, we offer a full line of products from Hershey, Van Wyk, Starlyn, Jack Link, Rock Candy Sticks and more. .  Call or email with questions, to get a "mix and match" price quote, place an order or discuss the  incentives available.

FOR 2015/15 school year
except rock candy sticks

Call or email for details or with questions


New Hershey $2.00 "Fundraising Assortment" (pictured to the right)


Van Wyk Gourmet Chocolate Bars $1 and $2 sellers). See Scotties, the M&M substitute from Whitney


Non Chocolate Items:  Jack Link, other $1 sellers that ship during the heat of summer.


Great X Sticks and other meat and cheese sticks from Jack Link



For details, or to order chocolate and snacks at our Dollar Store :  Click Here 



Candles for fall, 2015: 

        Candles are becoming the hottest year round fundraiser!!   We represent Heritage Candles, and we believe they're the best fundraising candle in the industry.  Customers love candles, but can't afford up to $25 for a single candle.  Our canning jar program for spring, 2009 has 18 different 12 ounce canning jars - all only $12, with a quality that comes with "Made in the USA" candles.  Each candle comes in it's own gift box. This is a simple,  but really classy program - one you'll repeat every season.  Click below and visit our candles page - you can open  the entire brochure.

See our new "Journey of Faith" candle program with spiritual themes for church groups!


Visit our Candle Page:  Click Here  


Wooden Roses:  Our Newest "Dollar Seller"

Here's something we're really excited about!  These natural birch roses are perfect. for every possible event from Homecoming to Valentine's, Mothers' Day to graduation, even Friday in the cafeteria.  The possibilities are endless and the "season" is year round!

With a $1 selling price and 50% profit,  these will sell like hotcakes (but no sugar!!!)

Buy by the case (six hundred roses in a proven seller assortment)  for on site sales, or pre sell as an order taker with order sheets and parent letters we'll provide.

Visit our Wooden Roses Page:  Click Here

New Flavored Gourmet Popcorn:

.Looking for something that's different, profitable and healthy?  These great Nine cup buckets will fill the bill.  There are six flavors to choose from including:  original. kickin' korn (hot), blue raspberry, fiesta cheddar, caramel blast and apple cinnamon.

Profit is a minimum 40%, with 45% and up to 50% possible for large orders.  Shipping is free on orders over 12 cases.

Gourmet Popcarn may be ordered by the case (recommended - this is a fast seller) or can be done as an order taker. Visit our popcorn page the see or print this brochure.

Visit our Gourmet Popcorn Page:  Click Here

Cookie Dough, Cookie Mixes and Cookie and Snack Selection:

Delisheries: "All Natural" Cookie and More Mixes - Just Add Eggs & Butter!

Delisheries mixes come from Clabber Girl, one of America's oldest (over 150 years) food companies, and are the perfect solution for smaller groups, or groups where storage or logistics area problem,

There are two brochures - the standard size ($15) makes 3 pounds of dough - or approximately 48 cookies.  The smaller all $10 sizes makes 1 1/4 pounds or about 2 dozen cookies,  Both brochures include a brownie mix as well as Delisheries world famous funnel cake mix.

There are no case minimums (cases are 6 units) and shipping is free on orders of 12 or more cases.  Profit is minimum 40%, with 45% up to 50% possible on large orders.  Can pack to the piece.

New:  Easy Entertaining - cookie and dessert mixes, snacks, soups and much more!

We think this brochure will be the hit of the holiday season.  In addition to five of Delisheries most popular cookie mixes, including the brownie and famous funnel cake mixes, there are also four gourmet soup mixes, cheese spreads and summer sausages, party dips, three cheese garlic biscuit mix, pretzel mix from Auntie Anne's and cinnamon bun mix from CinnabonINCREDIBLE!!!

Program terms are basically the same as the other Delisheries brochures,  There are no case minimums (cases are 6 units) and shipping is free on orders of 12 or more cases.  Profit is minimum 40%, with 45% up to 50% possible on large orders.  Can pack to the piece. Click the link below to the cookie dough page, then double click the brochure to explore or print.  This is one you really have to see!!

For information on these Incredible Cookie Dough and Snack Programs: Click Here  



Fall, 2015/ Spring, 2016 - Flower Power:  Bulbs, Plants and More with Home Delivery

From the folks that brought America the Gardner's Revolution Planter (yep -  the "upside down tomato thing" - and yes, it's in the brochure) is the perfect program for groups wanting a "growing" program this spring, and the amazing Flower Power brochure delivers each order right to your customer's home!  This is a 50% profit program with all materials provided, and Like all home delivery programs, expands your sales area from your community to the entire continental US.

Click the cover to the right for more details - and to view this incredible catalog online!


Look below at some UNIQUE items and ideas - then GIVE US A CALL !!

Want to be different?  If your group is looking for something new and unusual for your next fundraiser,  try one of these new specialty brochures or in hand sellers . Call for more information or sample brochures.

bullet Neighborhood Flags: A truly unique program
bullet McJak HomeStyle Fudge:  Half pound and huge 20 oz gift  boxes -  new customized tubs!.
bullet 100% Silicone Wristbands:  Small orders - High Quality - Great Prices - Quick Turnaround
bullet Scratch Cards:  from Dollars from Scratch - You've asked for these - up to 90% profit
bullet Fresh All Natural Cookie Dough - no refrigeration required!!  Perfect for small groups.
bullet Jack Link X Sticks: a great change from Dollar Candy. 
bullet Rock Candy in your school colors!
bulletOver 100 types of Gourmet Pops - plus  Sour Pops, Color Xploders and many other exciting pops for every season and situation. See them all at our LOLLIPOP STORE!

Call us for a free consultation to find the "perfect" program for your group!!


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